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I first encountered AC Temple in Nottingham in late 1985 through their involvement with staging what would be now known as “guerrilla gigs” (please) on the tops of multi-storey car parks. The following year they released the first Kilgore Trout record on their Hits and Corruption label. By the time I joined for Sourpuss (1989) they had already put out the Songs of Praise mini-album and full album Blowtorch (later released on one CD). I have very fond memories of working with this band. Having not only to figure out how to adapt my special needs guitar ‘technique’ to the bass but also to squeeze my melodic ideas into the spaces between Noel and Tim’s innovative and complex guitar interplay taught me a lot about arrangement, and we were lucky enough to tour extensively in Europa, including a couple of visits to the East during the entirely unforeseen events of 1989. The final line-up, completed by drummer (also future Fat Trucker and in-demand producer) Ross Orton, sadly never got to make a record.