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This act was initially formed by me, Mark Loose Parsons and James Waite out of the ashes of a school band named TECHNICIANS OF SPACE SHIP EARTH: THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING. YOUR CAPTAIN IS DEAD after the gnomic message on the back of Hawkwind’s In Search of Space album. We released the Stick it in the Bank Man 12” EP and the tracks Cornwall and The Peacock Nose on a couple of compilations before James left, to be replaced by Julian Scarlett (later supplemented by Andy Pritchard on second guitar). Four tracks from this fractious line-up appeared (along with AC Temple and Dustdevils) on the compilation Rorschach Blot Test before the inevitable showdown. I then recorded the 12” EP Bad Puddings solo, before teaming up with Duncan Wheat, who introduced me to keyboard programming and Eno’s four 1970s “pop” albums, and played (among other things) two customised Les Paul copies he’d altered the spacing of the strings on and tuned to bouzouki and balalaika tuning respectively. Our track Shoes came out on a flexi with Ablaze! Magazine #7 and we played some shows with Noel and Matty from AC Temple on bass and drums and some with a backing tape. The four tracks on the 4x4 compilation that aren’t No Hospital date from 1993 – although billed as KT, they’re just me, though Duncan plays bass and some guitar on Disposable.