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Stick It In The Bank Man

Kilgore Trout

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Stick It In The Bank Man

I’m not sure what we think we’re doing here. Well, OK, I am: we’re desperately trying to push our clunky school band music to the point where it alchemises into a thing not to be quietly ashamed of. We don’t make it on this occasion. Arbiters of cool went for it anyway, though at the time you could get a page in the NME by farting into a colander. It’s not my idea of something you’d listen to for fun. But it is funny that we got lumped in with bands like Dog Faced Hermans, Jackdaw with Crowbar, Big Flame and the Shrubs, all of whom were at least ten times as good as us and none of whose recordings does them the slightest justice. These people understood Trout Mask Replica while we had trouble counting to four and standing up at the same time.

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