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I stole this catchphrase from Duncan McTaggart, whose response it was to the plodding simpletons of the early eighties Left&rsquo;s "Jobs Not Bombs". It seemed to sum up my ethos perfectly at the time. So naturally I had it made into a t-shirt. Not just any t-shirt: this one was later modelled by Jason "Spaceman" Pierce, who deserves to burn in hell for his services as the press officer for heroin as well as for his terrible music. So there&rsquo;s a dichotomy there, but I&rsquo;m standing by "Drugs Not Jobs" as a nihilistic corruption of the ideas of the likes of William Morris and John Ruskin, both of whom are now turning so hard in their graves the tsunami warnings have gone out in Sumatra. (Photograph by Matt Silcox, 1989)<br />


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