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On the Suicide of Ian Curtis, 1980


On the Suicide of Ian Curtis, 1980

This man knew what he was doing. Don’t try to tell me that he didn’t. The cover art for Closer and the Love Will... 7”, for two (these were both chosen before he died, and he was party to the selection of the album cover at least). The set-piece perfection of Stroszek and The Idiot, for four. There’s an early New Order interview where either Hooky or Barney says “he’s probably up there, laughing at us”. He is, still. Well, he’s not, but if there’s such a thing as life after death it’s all in the stories that people tell about other people when they are gone. And this man, who knew what he was doing, he got what he wanted. He got all the stories in the world, and all of the time. Or none of the time. He blew all those pathetic vomit-gargling 1960s losers out of the fucking water. He’s the be-all and end-all of Great Rock Deaths. He is the fucking Daddy, even if he wasn’t man enough to forget about himself for a minute and be the fucking daddy he should have been. And, pace Dave McCullough, if he didn’t exactly die for you, he definitely saw the madness in your area. I’d have him in the back of my pantheon any time.

posted on Thursday 19th March, 2009

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