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Video of the Week: PIVOT - In The Blood

They’re not really Videos Of The Week, these things. But Video Of The Period Of Indeterminate Duration lacks pith. Anyway, here’s a new one. Pivot’s post-rock spy theme is enjoyable in its somewhat beard-strokey way (great drums! Guitar bit lifted from Drugs by Talking Heads! Etc!) but the real star here is the blonde doll who plays the lead in the video, an impassive gore-spattered heroine in the finest tradition of impassive gore-spattered heroines. I won’t say much more for fear of spoiling it for you, but I love this video’s queasy sense of humour, its defiantly low-tech and deconstructive approach, and the seamless, if rather messy, way it incorporates a cameo from the band.


posted by on Wednesday 15th April, 2009

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