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Other writings


Here is a bunch of links to stuff I've written for Drowned in Sound. I showed the fallout from the review of The Dears to my friend the philosopher, and he replied thus:

"The Problem of Fucktards, which has long vexed the minds of the West, can be reduced to one simple proposition. So simple, in fact, that it can be stated in two words. Fucktards abound. It admits of a solution equally elegant. Embroil not."



Tom Tom Club - Genius of Live

The Dears - Degeneration Street

 Various - Killing Bono OST

 Munk - The Bird and the Beat

Metronomy - The English Riviera

Gorillaz - The Fall

Dutch Uncles - Cadenza

Crass - Christ - The Album (reissue)

Cymbals - Unlearn

Jóhann Jóhannsson - The Miners’ Hymn

Laki Mera - The Proximity Effect

Thomas Tantrum - Mad By Moonlight

Digitalism - I Love You Dude

The Blood Arm - Turn And Face Me

Something Beginning With L - Beautiful Ground

Indian Red Lopez - Empty Your Lungs And Breathe

Holly Throsby - Team

Kathryn Calder - Are You My Mother?

posted on Friday 18th March, 2011

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