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Your CV’s not complete until you’ve been in a synthesizer duo. But SH used few actual synth sounds – most of the noises were sequenced from crappy home keyboards and the sounds of real instruments, and there’s plenty of guitar. Ian Masters and I had met when I interviewed him for an Ablaze! feature on his band Pale Saints, an act whose relatively unfeted debut still sounds great but who by 1992’s lumpy follow-up had taken on the sound of a day job. When the Saints split, 4AD gave us “only” £5000 to make the SH album while the rump Saints were reputedly given £40,000 Who did 4AD think had written the songs? At the time, I thought that SH could have used the budget for real string, brass and woodwind players rather than the ersatz digital copies we ended up with. In retrospect, if the album has any charm, it’s probably in its limitations. A brilliant and perhaps unexpectedly comedic live band featuring AC Temple’s Tim and Ross on guitar and drums alongside Justine Wolfenden (viola and keyboards) and Graham Mc Elearney (bass and double bass) briefly toured. (I wish more people had seen these shows. But there was an inexplicable shortage of people who wanted to.) The following mini-album Hibernation Shock features two of each of our songs, recorded without collaboration, and a dodgy remix of Heaven’s Knot. I’m not sure that it can legitimately be called a SH release, though apart from the remix all the tracks still sound good, I think.